Do it right the first time! The above principles among others are rarely incorporated in new systems because it adds to the cost. Don't take the low bid unless the contract obligates the designer to use them. Don't pay if the system you receive does not reflect them. Demand the system to be hydro-zoned correctly and the coverage uniform.

Green Again Irrigation Services will submit a plan for your approval before work begins. We will work with you and the site to provide a superior irrigation system designed and installed to the highest standards.

Remember that a poorly designed system will cost hundreds of dollars more to operate every year. Every Year! Call Us to meet the designer and receive a free proposal.

New Construction (before landscaping)
This type of job typically uses the trencher method and costs less due to lower labor costs and quicker clean-up.

The obvious advantage to this method is the ability to water in the new landscaping automatically upon completion of the planting, giving your plant materials the exact amount of water they need to flourish.

Established Yards (after landscaping)

This type of job uses a vibratory plow, which buries the pipes and wires 10-12 inches below your lawn WITHOUT digging a trench!

These revolutionary machines do an incredible job of allowing the installation of an automatic system with minimal disruption of existing turf.

Depending on soil conditions, this is the preferred method of installation in an existing yard.

We are experts in Spring start-ups of system, and proficient in Fall winterization.

Our installation crews and servicemen will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right system for your property and help you to easily keep your property lush green and healthy to create your dream outdoor environment.