When you combine the words "drip" and "water" you normally think of waste, as in a leaky faucet. But when you're talking about an irrigation system, drip is a good thing. In fact, drip, trickle and bubble are all quite appropriate words to use when describing a drip irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation Systems:
Direct the water flow to the exact location the water is needed. This helps prevent watering in areas where the water will not be put to use. It does not spray, reducing evaporation. Drip systems work well in landscaping, potted plants, vegetable gardens, etc.

When it comes to keeping your flowers, shrubs and trees healthy and looking their best, Green Again Irrigation knows that Drip Irrigation is your best choice. Unlike conventional “spray” systems that work great for lawns and more open expanses, drip products water at a much more localized level, at or near plant root zones. They minimize runoff and eliminate over-spray onto windows, walks or streets. They are ideal for planting beds of all sizes. Plus, the slow, consistent application of water from a drip system helps plants to thrive.

We are experts in Spring start-ups of system, and proficient in Fall winterization.

Our installation crews and servicemen will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right system for your property and help you to easily keep your property lush green and healthy to create your dream outdoor environment.