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Customer Service

Green Again Irrigation Inc.’s objective is to deliver the best quality work to our clients, as we have a passion to serve our clients and place their needs first.

The company deems on building a positive, long-lasting liaison with all of the esteemed clients and is committed to 100% customer satisfaction with fully insured, 3 years written limited warranty on new installations.

We submit our plan for your approval before work begins and will work with you on the site to provide a superior irrigation system designed and installed to the highest standards.

Call us and our experienced licensed irrigation specialist will be happy to inspect and evaluate your system for free. Many of our clients enjoy the serenity of monthly, quarterly, or seasonal tune-ups.

Remember that a poorly designed system will cost hundreds of dollars more to operate every year.

Every Year! Call us to meet the designer and receive a free proposal.

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Service Excellence

  • We stand behind our wok, quality and commitment.
  • Committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Fully insured, 3 years written limited warranty on new installations.
  • Our staff and technicians are well trained, qualified and experienced.
  • We are on time, on budget, and assured of efficient service, top quality components.
  • We have a distinct combination of skill, professionalism, and fair pricing.
  • We are Water-Conscious. We promote the efficient use of water by using latest technology.
  • We use more reliable, long lasting and latest controllers, valves and sprinkler heads.
  • Our polyethylene pipe is rated at 100 PSI and high standard.
  • We comprise a backflow preventer as required by the Ontario Building Code.
  • We use waterproof connectors on all underground electrical connections to prevent corrosion.
  • We design, install, repair, supply the parts & provide full-service irrigation solution.
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Spring Starting & Closing Winterization

We do undertake starting tune-up works in Spring starting from the end of March or early April depend on the weather and closing Winterization in Fall starting from the early December every year, even if we didn’t install the system.

We are technical experts in Spring star-ups, and proficient in Fall Winterization.

Spring Start-Ups:

Opening your sprinkler system for the season will depend on the weather conditions in your area and individual watering needs. As a general rule, the system should not be opened until the threat of frost is passed. In the spring, one of our trained technicians will activate your system, inspect and adjust all sprinkler heads, replace any heads that do not rotate or are broken, test your rain sensor and inspect each zone for leaks.

Fall Winterization:

To minimize the risk of freeze damage to your irrigation system, you’ll need to "winterize" your irrigation system. Every year, before the first freeze, the ritual of irrigation "blow out" becomes the priority for all irrigation systems that are in regions of the country where the frost level extends below the depth of the installed piping.

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Annual Maintenance Agreement

We were among the first in GTA to offer an optional "Annual Maintenance Agreement".

This program allows for automatic spring start-ups and winterizations of your irrigation system.

This popular program is perfect for those that travel frequently or are otherwise too busy to remember to handle the routine system maintenance at the appropriate times.

In addition, this regularly-scheduled service keeps your system in top-notch performance operation, maintaining water-efficiency and lowering your operating costs.

Let us give you a quote today.

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System Repair & Improvements

We service any sprinkler system, regardless of brand, even if we didn't install it.

Our service department can come out and do a system analysis (minimal charge based on size of system) that can identify changes and improvements which can increase the efficiency of your existing system. Many homeowners and commercial property owners benefit substantially from this service, whether adding a rain sensor, replacing leaky heads or valves, or adding a new zone. We're very aware of the costs of water today and strive to design (or improve) systems that minimize the waste of this resource.

System Repair & Improvements System Repair & Improvements System Repair & Improvements

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New System Installation

Do it right the first time! The above principles among others are rarely incorporated in new systems because it adds to the cost. Don't take the low bid unless the contract obligates the designer to use them. Don't pay if the system you receive does not reflect them. Demand the system to be hydro-zoned correctly and the coverage uniform.

Green Again Irrigation Services will submit a plan for your approval before work begins. We will work with you and the site to provide a superior irrigation system designed and installed to the highest standards.

Remember that a poorly designed system will cost hundreds of dollars more to operate every year. Every Year! Call Us to meet the designer and receive a free proposal.

New Construction (before landscaping)

This type of job typically uses the trencher method and costs less due to lower labor costs and quicker clean-up.

The obvious advantage to this method is the ability to water in the new landscaping automatically upon completion of the planting, giving your plant materials the exact amount of water they need to flourish.

New System Installation

Established Yards (after landscaping)

This type of job uses a vibratory plow, which buries the pipes and wires 10-12 inches below your lawn WITHOUT digging a trench!

These revolutionary machines do an incredible job of allowing the installation of an automatic system with minimal disruption of existing turf.

Depending on soil conditions, this is the preferred method of installation in an existing yard.

New System Installation

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Drip System

When you combine the words "drip" and "water" you normally think of waste, as in a leaky faucet. But when you're talking about an irrigation system, drip is a good thing. In fact, drip, trickle and bubble are all quite appropriate words to use when describing a drip irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation Systems:

Direct the water flow to the exact location the water is needed. This helps prevent watering in areas where the water will not be put to use. It does not spray, reducing evaporation. Drip systems work well in landscaping, potted plants, vegetable gardens, etc.

When it comes to keeping your flowers, shrubs and trees healthy and looking their best, Green Again Irrigation knows that Drip Irrigation is your best choice. Unlike conventional “spray” systems that work great for lawns and more open expanses, drip products water at a much more localized level, at or near plant root zones. They minimize runoff and eliminate over-spray onto windows, walks or streets. They are ideal for planting beds of all sizes. Plus, the slow, consistent application of water from a drip system helps plants to thrive.

Drip System

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